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Facial Reflexology

In February 2017 I trained in Facial Reflexology in London with Ziggie Bergman (the UKs number one Facial Reflexologist!). I was so excited from the outset about learning to work on a completely different area of the body. By working on the face my clients face are able to feel the benefits quickly as the face is located so near to the brain. Facial reflexology leaves clients with a glowing complexion this is because it helps to reduce the lines on your face. Who doesn't want their skin to glow after the first treatment? Never before have so many clients fallen asleep so quickly during a treatment! The quickest client to fall asleep took 6 minutes which is such a compliment. I use Neal's Yard Organic Rose Facial Oil and as it is at a constant temperature on your face you start to totally relax as I work all the reflexes on your face.

In June 2017 I took part in the Advanced Facial Reflexology course with Ziggie Bergman in London. I am so excited to be able to add additional reflexes to my existing routine!

I took part in a one day Acupressure Facial Therapy course in London on 28th February 2019. I have now learnt to not only focus on acupressure point work on the face but also release muscular and facial structures. The skin, muscles and fascia of the face have a unique structure to allow us to express ourselves intellectually and emotional. We therefore hold a huge amount of tension and stress in our facial structure and this treatment allows me to deeply relax the nervous system and promote rejuvenation of the facial structure on my clients.

This treatment works at both ends of the spectrum from deeply supporting stress and relaxing the nervous system to also having the feel of an indulgent rejuvenating treat. This treatment is also very beneficial for deeply relaxing the CNS. Due to its non invasive nature and effects on the nervous system its very supportive with clients with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

"Facial Reflexology is a bit of a fashion beauty secret: a natural way to look beautifully relaxed, radiant and glowing while your entire body has been balanced by Reflexology."

In September 2023 I am currently taking a course entitled 'Facial Reflexology for An Empowered Menopause' which is absolutely fascinating and will absolutely benefit my clients! Facial Reflexology techniques for general wellbeing, relaxation, sleep, stress & a few common perimenopause symptoms are incorporated in any facial reflexology treatment. I am always looking for new techniques / protocols to bring my clients the best treatment possible.

What can you expect when you come for facial reflexology? After a brief consultation, the treatment starts with a simple cleansing of the face (I don't go near the eyes so don't worry about any eye make up you may be wearing). I apply the gorgeous Rose Facial Oil from Neil's Yard (an organic product) before commencing the Facial Reflexology sequence. The oil turns the experience into a treat and its antioxidant qualities help to seal the skin against the ravages of our UK weather. This oil is vegan and cruelty-free. I gently stimulate a number of reflexes on your face that correspond to different body systems and organs. The sensation is deeply relaxing, and it is not unusual to fall asleep!

Facial Reflexology is very effective for alleviating winter ailments such as blocked sinuses, dry skin, headaches, lack of energy, dull complexion, and depression; as this therapy helps the body to work at its optimum level, boosting the immune system. It can also help to fight off winter colds and flu. For one hour you get to just lie back and relax and it is suitable for both men and women!

I start the treatment with a combined Indian Head Massage and Facial Reflexology treatment lasting 30 mins then add a 30 mins Foot Reflexology treatment (for an amazing hour of relaxation!)

Please note that I am not able to offer this treatment if you have a cold sore as it is very contagious.

What can you do to keep your skin looking amazing between treatments?

* Increase eating good fats, fruit and veg
* Sleep for at least 8 hours a night
* Drink one large 2 litre bottle of water a day
* Cleanse your skin twice a day and exfoliate at least once a week

Ear Reflexology (Available from May 2024)


Ear Reflexology / Auricular Therapy is a technique where I work on the ears. Just like the hands and feet, the ears represent a micro system on to which the entire body is ‘mapped’ on the outer portion of the ear. 


As the ear to brain connection is the shortest and most direct of these neurological micro-systems, working on the ears can have a profound effect on relaxation! If I want to target a specific issue in the body (e.g. insomnia, pain or anxiety) I may recommend the use of Ear Seeds which can bring some amazing benefits to you. 


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